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Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off

Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off
Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off

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By Ry Crozier
12 March 2009

Malware writers that sell toolkits online for as little as $400 will now 
configure and host the attacks as a service for another $50, a security 
expert has said.

Speaking at the Vasco Banking Summit in Sydney yesterday, the company's 
technical account manager, Vlado Vajdic, told delegates that cyber crime 
was becoming so business-like that online offerings of malicious code 
often included support and maintenance services.

Additionally, he said, cybercrime outsourcing would become a key trend 
in 2009.

"It was inevitable that services would be sold to people who bought the 
malware toolkits but didn=E2=80=98t know how to configure them," Vajdic said.

"Not only can you buy configuration as a service now, you can have the 
malware operated for you, too. We saw evidence of that this year."

"Investors get malware developers to write code for them and then get 
the writers to host and distribute it, too."

Vajdic showed delegates an email purported to be from a malware 
'provider' offering hosted services for an extra $50 for three months.


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