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Re: Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off

Re: Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off
Re: Cybercrime-as-a-service takes off

Forwarded from: Dave Dittrich 

> By Ry Crozier
> ITNews
> 12 March 2009
> Malware writers that sell toolkits online for as little as $400 will 
> now configure and host the attacks as a service for another $50, a 
> security expert has said.
> Speaking at the Vasco Banking Summit in Sydney yesterday, the 
> company's technical account manager, Vlado Vajdic, told delegates that 
> cyber crime was becoming so business-like that online offerings of 
> malicious code often included support and maintenance services.
> Additionally, he said, cybercrime outsourcing would become a key trend 
> in 2009.

I'm sorry to have to burst the prediction bubble here, but this has been 
going on for several years.  I have maintained a web page on DDoS 
attacks since 1999. Search the page for the word "hire" and you will 
find several stories of cybercrime-as-a-service from 2005: 

Specifically, start reading at page 15 of "U.S. v. James Jeanson 
Ancheta" and you will see an offering of malicious code, including 
support and maintenance services: 

There are two other cases in the same section of the web page where the 
FBI successfully investigated and brought indictments on similar 
"DDoS-for-hire" cases. The other two do not involve selling the service 
to third parties (with support and maintenance), but do show that people 
have been paid to create/use botnets for financial crimes. When 
something makes it into the legal process, which means it is causing 
damages significant enough to justify application of the expensive legal 
process, I would say the trend has already been well established.

Note to reporters: When writing a story about predictions of future 
trends, check my web page first (or contact me directly) and see if the 
story is really new.

Dave Dittrich
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