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Contribute For Cyber Security Policy Of India

Contribute For Cyber Security Policy Of India
Contribute For Cyber Security Policy Of India

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By V.K.Singh

National security and cyber security in India is passing through a bad 
phase. The recent terrorist attacks have unambiguously proved the 
deficiencies and weaknesses of Indian defence mechanisms. India failed 
to cope up with both traditional terrorism as well as contemporary 
technology driven cyber terrorism. The technology has further 
complicated the situation because we have a weak cyber law in India in 
the form of Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act, 2000). A weak 
cyber law accompanied with absence of legal framework for terrorism is 
coming heavily upon India. Is it that difficult for the government of 
India to appreciate this bitter truth and act accordingly?

India does not have technical resources and expertise as well as legal 
framework to tackle terrorism and cyber terrorism. The citizens of India 
must come together in this hard time and provide their valuable 
suggestions and inputs to the government of India.

One such novel and timely action has already been undertaken. Letters 
regarding =E2=80=9CConstitutionality=E2=80=9D of the proposed Information Technology 
(Amendment) Bill, 2006 and National Security Policy of India have been 
sent by Mr. Praveen Dalal, Managing Partner of Perry4Law, to the Prime 
Minister of India (Dr. Manmohan Singh), President of India, Parliament 
Members (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha), Government of India (GOI), 
Department of Information Technology (DIT), Department of Science and 
Technology (DST), CERT-IN, etc.

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