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Auditors: IRS should scan servers weekly

Auditors: IRS should scan servers weekly
Auditors: IRS should scan servers weekly

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By Mary Mosquera
March 16, 2009

The Internal Revenue Service should scan all its computer servers each 
week to protect against malicious code and software attacks, the 
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) said in a 
report released today.

The IRS generally has adequate security controls to prevent and respond 
to malware attacks and has taken steps to protect its computer systems 
and taxpayer data from the increasing threat of hackers, TIGTA also 

The IRS uses automated antivirus software to scan its employee 
workstations on a weekly basis, but the service did not consistently 
schedule antivirus scans for servers, the report said. About 89 percent 
of servers were scanned weekly, with the remaining servers scanned less 
frequently or not at all, according to the report.

The IRS=E2=80=99 Cybersecurity Computer Security Incident Response Center 
responded to 961 malware incidents in calendar year 2008, an increase of 
45 percent over the prior year, Michael Phillips, the deputy inspector 
general for audit, said in the report.


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