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Terry Waite backs McKinnon

Terry Waite backs McKinnon
Terry Waite backs McKinnon 

By John Leyden 
The Register
17th March 2009

Former Beirut hostage Terry Waite has spoken out against attempts to 
extradite self-confessed Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon to face a US 

Waite, who since his release in 1991 has become a human rights and 
police campaigner, argues that the US military should thank McKinnon for 
exposing security holes in its systems. McKinnon's recent diagnosis of 
Aspberger's syndrome ought to prompt a decision by US authorities to 
drop the prosecution against McKinnon. Click here to find out more!

McKinnon claims he was only looking for suppressed information about 
anti-gravity propulsion systems and other UFO technology he reckons is 
being held from the public when he broke into US military systems. He 
admits hacking but denies doing any damage, against US claims that he 
was the "biggest military hacker of all time".

Waite said McKinnon's behaviour was "hardly that of a serious spy" and 
described his motives as "pretty harmless" adding "The Pentagon ought to 
thank him for exposing the vulnerability of their systems," the Press 
Association reports.


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