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GAO: SEC cybersecurity program is incomplete

GAO: SEC cybersecurity program is incomplete
GAO: SEC cybersecurity program is incomplete

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By William Jackson
March 18, 2009

The Securities and Exchange Commission has corrected some weaknesses 
identified in its information security controls in the past two years, 
but the lack of a comprehensive information security program has let 
weaknesses accumulate faster than they have been resolved, according to 
the Government Accountability Office.

=E2=80=9CIn our report on SEC=E2=80=99s financial statements for fiscal years 2008 and 
2007, we concluded that weaknesses in information security controls 
constitute a significant deficiency in internal controls over the 
information systems and data used for financial reporting,=E2=80=9D GAO auditors 
wrote in a recently released report.

SEC has corrected or mitigated 18 of 34 weaknesses reported in a 2008 
audit, GAO said. But in addition to the 16 problems not yet addressed, 
GAO identified 23 new ones. =E2=80=9CA key reason for these weaknesses was that 
SEC did not fully implement key activities of its information security 
program,=E2=80=9D the report states.

Among the missing components of SEC's security program:


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