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Chinese spy who defected tells all

Chinese spy who defected tells all
Chinese spy who defected tells all 

By Bill Gertz 
The Washington Times
March 19, 2009 


A veteran Chinese intelligence officer who defected to the United States 
says that his country's civilian spy service spends most of its time 
trying to steal secrets overseas but also works to bolster Beijing's 
Communist Party rule by repressing religious and political dissent 

"In some sense you can say that intelligence work between two countries 
is just like war but without the fire," Li Fengzhi told The Washington 
Times in an interview aided by an interpreter.

Mr. Li worked for years as an Ministry of State Security intelligence 
officer inside China before defecting to the United States, where is he 
awaiting a response to his request for political asylum. He gave a rare, 
detailed interview to The Times on Sunday regarding the activities of 
the MSS, China's Communist-controlled civilian spy agency.

His prior work as a Chinese spy was confirmed to The Times by a Western 
government source familiar with his defection. The source spoke on the 
condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of Mr. Li's case.

Mr. Li told The Times that the MSS focuses on both counterintelligence - 
working against foreign intelligence agencies - and the collection of 
secrets and technology.


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