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'Yahoo! paid for Peerbhoy's training to hack networks'

'Yahoo! paid for Peerbhoy's training to hack networks'
'Yahoo! paid for Peerbhoy's training to hack networks'!+paid+for+Peerbhoy%E2%80%99s+training+to+hack+networks%E2%80%99 

[Playing connect-the-dots with this story below, e2 Labs, was started in 
2003 in Hyderabad and was co-founded by 17 year old ethical hacking 
sensation and recent Pepsi MTV Youth Icon award winner, Ankit Fadia and 
a local hacker, Zaki Qureshey, which then started the "e2 Labs School of 
Ethical Hacking" [1]. If you visit the e2 Labs page today [2], and click 
on training [3], it appears the Italian security group, Zone-H has been 
offering the training.   - WK]



By Abhishek Sharan, 
Hindustan Times
March 09, 2009

Mohammed Peerbhoy, the alleged media chief of the Indian Mujahideen 
(IM), has told investigators that an Italian expert taught him hacking.

The 31-year-old's employer had apparently sponsored him to learn cyber 
security skills against hacking from the Internet security expert in 
Hyderabad two years ago, but Peerbhoy instead used his acquired 
expertise to hack Wi-Fi networks to send terror emails.

Peerbhoy, currently in the custody of Delhi Police's Special Cell for 
having allegedly sent the IM email preceding the September 2008 serial 
blasts in the city, told his interrogators that "an Italian internet 
security expert, along with a few others, taught him how to hack first 
before learning measures to counter it", said a senior investigator who 
did not wish to be named as he is not authorised to talk to media.

Peerbhoy, a former principal software engineer with Yahoo! in Pune, had 
learnt the "hacking skills" at a six-day course on information security 
in Hyderabad in May 2007.

The course was organised by Internet security provider  E2 Labs and 
Yahoo! had paid them around Rs 70,000 for Peerbhoy's training.

The course was imparted at E2 Labs. School of Ethical Hacking, which 
according to the company's website is "Asia's first" such school.


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