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Conficker: The Windows Worm That Won't Go Away

Conficker: The Windows Worm That Won't Go Away
Conficker: The Windows Worm That Won't Go Away

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By Brian Prince

The Conficker worm continues to slither its way across the Internet, and 
a major update for the malware is looming on April 1. Just what will 
happen is anyone's guess, security researchers say, but there are 
malware removal tools and protections out there for users.

Much has been written about the Conficker worm's next big day. On April 
1, the worm is expected to evolve yet again, when it blasts out requests 
to 500 of the 50,000 domains it generates daily in search of an update.

Just what that update will do isn't known; what is known is that 
Conficker =E2=80=94aka Downadup=E2=80=94has proven to be an impressive piece of malware 
as such things go. Version C, the latest iteration of the Conficker 
worm, added peer-to-peer communication between infected systems and a 
new domain-generation algorithm.

The worm also got a new set of armor to protect itself that enabled it 
to kill some DNS (Domain Name System) lookups and disable AutoUpdate and 
some anti-virus software. Fortunately, there are ways for anyone who 
gets infected to manually remove the latest version, and there are also 
removal tools available from Symantec and others to help users clean 
their systems.


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