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Tapping, hacking and leaking

Tapping, hacking and leaking
Tapping, hacking and leaking

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By Jacob Saulwick
Brisbane Times
March 26, 2009

THE mission statement says a lot: "Reveal their secrets =E2=80=A6 Protect our 

And the nature of its work means that when the Defence Signals 
Directorate - the phone-tapping, computer-hacking arm of Australia's spy 
and defence forces - makes the news, there is likely to be scandal 

The Herald reported yesterday that a DSD officer allegedly burrowed into 
Joel Fitzgibbon's office computer system, unearthing bank details of 
Helen Liu, a businesswoman and family friend of the Fitzgibbons.

But it would be highly unusual - and probably illegal - for the DSD to 
hone its attention on its defence minister.

Indeed, the DSD would need Mr Fitzgibbon's permission to tap the phone 
lines or computers of an Australian citizen or person within the 


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