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Cybersecurity challenge down to an elite eight

Cybersecurity challenge down to an elite eight
Cybersecurity challenge down to an elite eight

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By William Jackson
March 30, 2009

It wasn=E2=80=99t all bad news for the University of Pittsburgh over the 

=E2=80=9CI=E2=80=99m happy to say Pittsburgh fared far better in the Regional Collegiate 
Cyber Defense Competition than they did against Villanova in [men's] 
basketball,=E2=80=9D said Ron Knode, one of the organizers of the Mid-Atlantic 
regional contest.

Pittsburgh=E2=80=99s cyber defense team will be advancing to the national 
competition next month at the University of Texas at San Antonio, 
beating out George Washington University, James Madison University and 
the defending regional champ, and the Community College of Baltimore 

Pittsburgh=E2=80=99s number-one ranked men's basketball team fell over the 
weekend to No. 3 Villanova, 78-76. Villanova advances to the men's 
basketaball Final Four.

The National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NCCDC) is March 
Madness for geeks, with teams in eight regional competitions vying for 
the right to go to the NCCDC, a three-day event hosted by the UT- San 
Antonio=E2=80=99s Center for Infrastructure Assurance and Security. This year=E2=80=99s 
finals will be held April 17-19.


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