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Here's proof. The innocent do have something to fear

Here's proof. The innocent do have something to fear
Here's proof. The innocent do have something to fear

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[Slow news day, too many Conficker.c and April Fools stories to drudge 
through, but this whole story below has been flying under the radar a 
little bit, and is worth a read and wide dissemination.   -  WK]

By Simon Jenkins
The Guardian
April 1st, 2009

Sweet is the spectacle of a home secretary bitten by her own snake. The 
outrage of Jacqui Smith's television expenses claim lies not in its 
content, lurid as it is, but in the way it was exposed. How many times 
must the home secretary have been assured in security briefings that her 
latest purchase of some data storage gizmo was "totally secure"?

"Don't worry," the briefers would have said, "the material will be 
protected by the finest firewalls, the most foolproof anti-hacking 
devices and the most savage legal defence. Nothing will be transferable 
and only the highest in the land will have access. Besides, home 
secretary, as you have so often said, the innocent have nothing to 

Yes, they do. They have the revelation of their husband's taste in 
movies, apparently leaked by contractors in receipt of easily copied 
discs, now on offer to anyone with =C2=A3300,000.

Anyone who knows anything about computers knows computer security is a 
contradiction in terms. It is garbage. Yet this is not believed by 
gullible ministers and MPs who troop through the Commons lobby to vote 
through new measures for more state surveillance.

I am sure when they submitted invoiced expenses to the fee office last 
year MPs were told they would be secure. They may have believed it. They 
thought that what they told their constituents about the security of ID 
and NHS records also applied to them.


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