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By Ben Worthen
The Wall Street Journal
April 1, 2009

The Conficker postmortems are starting. The early word: Shoot the 

Conficker, in case you missed it, is the computer virus that many media 
accounts said would be =E2=80=9Cdamaging millions of computers on April Fool=E2=80=99s 
Day=E2=80=9D (CNN), and cause =E2=80=9Cmillions of computers around the world could go 
into meltdown=E2=80=9D (The Sun).

Now that it=E2=80=99s pretty clear that April 1 is a non-event, members of the 
self-appointed Conficker Cabal formed to stop the virus=E2=80=94and hype it 
breathlessly along the way=E2=80=94are passing the buck.

=E2=80=9CIt=E2=80=99s really complicated and media outlets have a hard time 
understanding it,=E2=80=9D said Rick Wesson, chief executive of security company 
Support Intelligence, Wednesday. He earlier called Conficker a =E2=80=9Cdigital 
Pearl Harbor.=E2=80=9D

He has a point of course. Sensational stories sell. But every 
sensational Conficker story we=E2=80=99ve seen also quotes a few security 
experts making sensational claims.


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