AOH :: IS1922.HTM suffers further DOS attack suffers further DOS attack suffers further DOS attack 

By Dean Pullen
The Inquirer
2 April 2009

EARLIER TODAY we reported that the domain name registrar behemoth suffered from wide-scale DNS nameserver problems last 

The problems have resumed this evening, occurring shortly after 19.30 
GMT. Names hosted by's nameservers are not resolving, and 
the company website is currently inaccessible.

A variety of INQ readers have commented on the original article, with 
further news of this new outage.

Though some pointed to a denial-of-service attack yesterday, support staff are now actively telling customers 
over-the-phone that the company's servers are definitely currently under 
fire from some form of DDOS.

>From the sounds being heard from disgruntled customers, is 
poised to lose a lot of business from this fiasco.


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