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Journalists breached security to eavesdrop on G20 talks

Journalists breached security to eavesdrop on G20 talks
Journalists breached security to eavesdrop on G20 talks

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By BERTRAND BENOIT in Berlin and ALEX BARKER in London
The Irish Times
April 15, 2009

THREE GERMAN journalists breached the tight security cordon around the 
April 2nd G20 summit in London and managed to eavesdrop on the 
three-hour discussion between heads of governments.

The revelation, a week after Bob Quick, the UK=E2=80=99s chief antiterrorism 
police commander, was forced to resign for unwittingly disclosing 
details of an imminent anti-terrorism raid, exposes another serious 
security lapse in the UK.

Despite wearing the wrong identification badges, Marc Hujer, Wolfgang 
Reuter and Christoph Schwennicke walked unchallenged into the G20 
=E2=80=9Clistening room=E2=80=9D, where government officials were listening in on talks 
between government heads such as US president Barack Obama and his 
French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, according to one person present 
during the incident. =E2=80=9CIt=E2=80=99s not that they sneaked in, they just walked 

The reporters went on to write a detailed account of the discussions, 
which appeared in Spiegel, the weekly magazine, on April 6th, detailing 
the debate that led to the drafting of the final summit communique and 
repeatedly using verbatim quotes from the discussions.


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