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More Insecurity At Lawrence Livermore Lab

More Insecurity At Lawrence Livermore Lab
More Insecurity At Lawrence Livermore Lab 

By Robert O'Harrow 
Government Inc.
The Washington Post
April 15, 2009

The Government Accountability Office is taking aim at continuing 
problems with security at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a 
significant proportion of which is provided by contractors.

The place has been bedeviled by questions about breaches in recent 
years, some of them really over the top.

One year ago, a government commando team intent on testing the 
facility's defense quickly overcame security forces. Here's what Time 
magazine had to say at the time:

"The exercise highlighted a number of serious security shortcomings at 
Livermore, sources say, including the failure of a hydraulic system 
essential to operating an extremely lethal Gatling gun that protects the 
facility. Experts contacted by TIME -- including congressional staff 
from both parties informed of the episode, and experts personally 
familiar with safeguards at Livermore -- all said that the test amounts 
to an embarrassment to those responsible for securing the nation's 
nuclear facilities, and that it required immediate steps to correct what 
some called the most dangerous security weaknesses ever found at the 

Since then, the lab has promised an array of initiatives to fix the 
problems. But there are not enough measures in place to ensure those 
efforts are successful, according to a Government Accountability Office 


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