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Hackers leave Gates with pie on his face

Hackers leave Gates with pie on his face
Hackers leave Gates with pie on his face 

The Independent
21 April 2009

You don't get anywhere in business without making some enemies along the 
way, as Bill Gates found today when the portal of Microsoft news website 
MSN in New Zealand was attacked by hackers, who rerouted visitors to an 
image of the Microsoft founder with pie on his face.

The previous targets of 'Peace Crew', a loosely-affiliated group of 
hackers who claimed responsibility for the security breach, have 
included the BBC and NATO websites, with their motivations largely 
believed to be political. In the case of the MSN New Zealand website, 
they posted messages reading "STOP THE WAR ISRAEL".

The image was taken in 1998 when Gates was hit with a pie by French 
anarchist Paul Godin.

MSN responded with a short statement from business manager Liz Fraser.

"The cause of this discrepancy has been identified and we are currently 
working with our Microsoft technology and security teams in the US to 
resolve the matter as quickly as possible today, " it read.


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