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=?utf-8?q?LTTE_won_first_round_in_the_cyber_war=3A_Hacked_?= =?utf-8?q?Army_and_Lankapuwath_websites_=E2=80=93_Army_site_restored_?=
=?utf-8?q?LTTE_won_first_round_in_the_cyber_war=3A_Hacked_?= =?utf-8?q?Army_and_Lankapuwath_websites_=E2=80=93_Army_site_restored_?=

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The official website of Sri Lanka Army, and one of another 
Sri Lanka Government=E2=80=99s site - Lanka Puwath have been 
hacked by suspected LTTE hackers this morning (May 1).

However Army Website is now back on the cyberspace.

Sources of lanka puwath said, measures are taken to restore the website 

Issuing a flash story by the said, Sri Lanka Army=E2=80=99s official 
news wing has been illegally hacked and technically 'assassinated' by 
suspected Tiger terrorists or their proxies, during the wee hours on 
Friday (1st May), inserting some horrible and gruesome images.

This illegal hacking, termed 'cyber terrorism' is a criminal offence 
that can be subjected to prosecution, according to international 

After the restoration Sri Lanka Army website said, "Tiger terrorists and 
their mouthpieces since of recent times have been miserably affected 
with the record increase in the number of visitors to this popular Army 
Web portal which depicted the bitter truth behind LTTE terrorism and its 
ugly atrocities in their correct perspective."


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