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Chu: IT security a drag on Energy's mission

Chu: IT security a drag on Energy's mission
Chu: IT security a drag on Energy's mission

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By Matthew Weigelt
May 11, 2009

Energy secretary wants to balance information security, mission

Energy Secretary Steven Chu has said the Energy Department needs to 
consider whether its information security systems are worth the drag on 
its mission.

=E2=80=9CWe=E2=80=99re going to be looking at information technologies," Chu said at 
press briefing May 7 about the department's fiscal 2010 budget proposal. 
"Do we have the right balance between keeping our IT secure from viruses 
to how it compromises productivity?=E2=80=9D

In an April 29 speech at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 
Golden, Colo., Chu said =E2=80=9Cwell-meaning people=E2=80=9D in the chief information 
officer=E2=80=99s office and in the procurement and finance offices =E2=80=9Cwhose job 
it is to protect the Department of Energy=E2=80=9D actually hinder what the 
department can do.

=E2=80=9CThey forgot the Department of Energy has a job, and it=E2=80=99s not to protect 
the Department of Energy. It=E2=80=99s to get something done,=E2=80=9D he said. Terrible 
accidents and financial waste are bad things, he said, but added, =E2=80=9CIt 
has to be balanced against the mission of the department and so this is 
something that I feel very strongly about.=E2=80=9D


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