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Software upgrade company wins $100K contest at MIT

Software upgrade company wins $100K contest at MIT
Software upgrade company wins $100K contest at MIT 

By Hiawatha Bray
Boston Globe Staff
May 16, 2009

When home computer users have to reboot their machines to install a 
software upgrade, it's a nuisance. When a big company must do the same 
for hundreds of computers, it can cost a small fortune.

On Wednesday, a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduates 
won a small fortune - $100,000 - for developing a way to upgrade 
software while the computer keeps running. Their new company, Ksplice, 
took top prize in the 20th annual MIT $100K Entrepreneurship 

Rodney Brooks, former director of the MIT Artificial Intelligence 
Laboratory and keynote speaker at the awards ceremony, said the yearly 
competition helps inspire students to turn their bright ideas into 
profitable products. "My students and students all around campus are 
abuzz about this," said Brooks. "It really gets them thinking about what 
it takes to create a company."

Brooks used his expertise in robotics to help launch iRobot Corp., the 
successful military and consumer robot company in Bedford. Last year, he 
resigned as iRobot's chief technology officer to begin a new start-up, 
Heartland Robotics, which will build industrial robots.


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