Landis case twist: hacking lab computer

Landis case twist: hacking lab computer
Landis case twist: hacking lab computer

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By Mark Zeigler
Union-Tribune Staff Writer
May 29, 2009

Cyclist Floyd Landis had a post-race urine sample at the Tour de France 
return positive for synthetic testosterone in July 2006. An American 
arbitration panel found him guilty of doping in September 2007, and he 
lost an international appeal in June 2008. His two-year competition ban 
expired in January, and he has resumed racing.

The case, however, may not be not over.

The latest, curious twist: computer hacking.

French national police have summoned Landis and his longtime coach, San 
Diego physician Arnie Baker, to answer questions in connection with the 
illicit access of the computer system of the French laboratory that 
tested Landis' samples from the Tour. Neither attended a May 5 court 
appearance, according to media reports, and now the head of France's 
anti-doping agency is calling for international authorities to get 

=E2=80=9CIf it is the only way for Floyd Landis and Arnie Baker to explain 
themselves,=E2=80=9D AFLD president Pierre Bordry was quoted in French by Le 
Monde newspaper, =E2=80=9CI won't hesitate to demand the judge issue an 
international arrest warrant.=E2=80=9D

Baker, an icon in the local cycling community, did not return phone or 
e-mail messages. Landis, who lives in Idyllwild, was unavailable for 


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