Details of Chinese malware revealed to all

Details of Chinese malware revealed to all
Details of Chinese malware revealed to all 

By Owen Fletcher
IDG news service
02 July 2009

A massive database of Chinese malware has been opened up to other 
security companies.

Beijing-based KnownSec gathered the viruses and other information with a 
crawler that scans nearly 2 million Chinese webites each day, said Zhao 
Wei, CEO of the security company.  He planned to give a presentation on 
the subject at the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) 
security conference in Kyoto, Japan later this week.

The database covers more Chinese websites and provides more up-to-date 
information about their security than any other, Zhao said. China 
produces most of the world's malware, he added.

A history for each site in the database lists dates of malware 
infection, the strings of malicious code placed on the sites and which 
anti-virus products defend viewers against their attacks. The database 
also stores tens of thousands of viruses found being distributed by the 

KnownSec each day finds more than 100 Trojan downloader files that have 
never been seen before, Zhao said. Each of those can direct a victim's 
PC to download up to ten viruses.


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