U.S. takes aim at cyberwarfare

U.S. takes aim at cyberwarfare
U.S. takes aim at cyberwarfare 

By Shaun Waterman 
July 2, 2009

The Pentagon's decision last week to establish a unified cybercommand to 
defend the military's computer networks and attack those of U.S. enemies 
raises at least as many questions as it answers, analysts and experts in 
the field say.

"How does it fit into the strategic goals of defending our economy and 
our way of life?" asked Marcus Sachs, who helped set up the U.S. 
military's first cyberwarfare unit in 1998.

"How will it relate to other government agencies?" asked Mr. Sachs, who 
is now director of the Internet Storm Center, a volunteer warning and 
analysis service that works with Internet service providers to counter 
such threats as computer viruses.

In a memo to military leaders last week, Defense Secretary Robert M. 
Gates ordered U.S. Strategic Command -- the military entity in charge of 
U.S. nuclear and space weapons -- to set up the new cybercommand by 
October this year and to have it fully functioning by October 2010.


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