Sunshine state is a hackers' paradise

Sunshine state is a hackers' paradise
Sunshine state is a hackers' paradise,23739,25732782-3102,00.html 

By Daryl Passmore
The Courier-Mail
July 05, 2009 

THE personal details of millions of Queenslanders are at risk from 
hackers and identity fraud due to poor security in State Government 
computer systems.

The vulnerability, which could leave people exposed to identity fraud, 
was revealed in a damning report by the Auditor-General.

The checks found that of eight departments in the so-called Smart State, 
only two had intrusion detection or prevention systems to monitor 
networks for security breaches.

"Consequently, if a skilled attacker was to succeed with a network level 
intrusion, it's unlikely to be detected," said Glen Poole's report to 
Parliament last week.

"The audit of IT network security found that except for one entity, the 
level of security is that of a medium-size business rather than a state 
government department holding and processing sensitive information."


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