Majority of vulnerabilities now being exploited

Majority of vulnerabilities now being exploited
Majority of vulnerabilities now being exploited

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By John E. Dunn
07 July 2009

The number of exploits being written to target specific software 
vulnerabilities could be at all-time highs, new threat figures have 

Fortinet's Threatscape report for June, which actually covers the period 
between 21 May and 20 June, reveals that of the 108 new vulnerabilities 
added to its firewall intrusion detection system in the period, 62 were 
being actively exploited.

This is equivalent to a 57.4 percent exploit rate, a rise over previous 
months and in line with increasing percentages and absolute numbers for 
recent months. For comparison, April-May exploit rates stood at 46.4 
percent, with March-April at 31.3 percent.

Of the top 10 most common vulnerabilities noted by Fortinet, two were 
rated as =E2=80=98critical', the highest threat level, seven were rated as 
=E2=80=98high', and one as =E2=80=98medium'. The vast majority of the vulnerabilities 
target holes in desktop software rather than on servers or other types 
of equipment.


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