DHS Systems More Secure, Inspector General Finds

DHS Systems More Secure, Inspector General Finds
DHS Systems More Secure, Inspector General Finds 

By J. Nicholas Hoover
July 9, 2009

The Department of Homeland Security has significantly improved the 
cybersecurity of its top secret intelligence computer systems in the 
last two years, according to the recently released summary of an 
Inspector General report issued earlier this year.

"Information security procedures have been documented and controls have 
been implemented, providing an effective level of security for the 
department's intelligence systems," the Office of the Inspector General 
said in its report.

Last year's report noted that DHS had not established a formal training 
program for employees who have responsibilities for DHS intelligence 
systems. This year's review notes that the DHS has created the Sensitive 
Compartmented Information Systems Information Assurance Handbook, "which 
provides department intelligence personnel with security procedures and 
requirements to administer its intelligence systems and the information 

A 2008 review noted progress on earlier cybersecurity goals, including 
creating and updating an inventory of Top Secret and sensitive 
information systems and certifying and accrediting those systems in 
accordance with intelligence directives. The 2009 report found continued 
certification and accreditation.


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