Queensland Police plans wardriving mission

Queensland Police plans wardriving mission
Queensland Police plans wardriving mission,queensland-police-plans-wardriving-mission.aspx 

By Brett Winterford
July 17, 2009

The Queensland Police plans to conduct a 'wardriving' mission around 
select Queensland towns in an effort to educate its citizens to secure 
their wireless networks.

'Wardriving' refers to the technique of searching for unsecured wireless 
networks by driving the streets armed simply with a laptop or smartphone 
seeking network connections.

Detective Superintendent Brian Hay of the Queensland Police, who today 
was honoured by security vendor McAfee with an "International Cybercrime 
Fighter Award", told the audience at McAfee's Strategic Summit in Sydney 
that his unit is "about to undertake a wardriving program, in which we 
drive through areas of Queensland trying to identify unsecured 

When unsecured networks are found, the Queensland Police will pay a 
friendly visit to the household or small business, informing them of the 
risks they are exposing themselves to.


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