Hacker Group L0pht Makes a Comeback, of Sorts

Hacker Group L0pht Makes a Comeback, of Sorts
Hacker Group L0pht Makes a Comeback, of Sorts 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
July 23, 2009

The news report begins with shots of a tense space shuttle launch. 
Engineers hunch over computer banks and techno music pounds in the 
background. There is a countdown, a lift-off, and then you see a young 
man in a black T-shirt and sunglasses, apparently reporting from space.

This is the Hacker News Network, and after a decade offline it is 
lifting off again, this time with a quirky brand of video reports about 

Hacker News Network is one of the side projects of the Boston-based 
hacker collective known as L0pht Heavy Industries. They're the guys who 
famously told the U.S. Congress that they could take down the Internet 
in about 30 minutes, and who helped invent the way that security bugs 
are reported to computer companies. Click here to find out more!

The L0pht's eight members were hacker gods back in the '90s, but most of 
them have faded from the limelight, even as they've watched a cottage 
industry of security research firms sprout up based on many of the 
disclosure techniques they pioneered. The L0pht disbanded after it sold 
out to consultancy @stake in 2000, and its members gradually watched 
their dream of being paid to do cutting-edge hacking and security 
research wither and die.


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