In French Inquiry, a Glimpse at Corporate Spying

In French Inquiry, a Glimpse at Corporate Spying
In French Inquiry, a Glimpse at Corporate Spying

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The New York Times
July 31, 2009

PARIS =E2=80=94 The story has the elements of a corporate thriller: a cast of 
characters that includes former French spies and military men, an 
American cycling champion, Greenpeace activists and a dogged judge whose 
investigation takes him from a sports doping laboratory outside Paris to 
a Moroccan jail and to some of the top corporations in France.

Like installments in a serial novel, new revelations have been dripping 
out since March. And while the climax is still probably many months 
away, the story is providing a rare glimpse into the shadowy and 
potentially lucrative business of gathering what corporations refer to 
as =E2=80=9Cstrategic intelligence.=E2=80=9D

=E2=80=9CFor most companies, on a daily basis there are many more things going 
on than can possibly be handed off to the police,=E2=80=9D said Christian 
Harbulot, director of the =C3=89cole de Guerre =C3=89conomique, or School of 
Economic Warfare, in Paris.

The companies they turn to for =E2=80=9Cextra help,=E2=80=9D Mr. Harbulot said, include 
everything from corporate security giants like Kroll to what he terms 
=E2=80=9Csmall operators,=E2=80=9D ranging from ex-intelligence agents to computer 


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