Secure Network Systems, LLC (SNS) Enters SBA 8(a) Program

Secure Network Systems, LLC (SNS) Enters SBA 8(a) Program
Secure Network Systems, LLC (SNS) Enters SBA 8(a) Program

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Secure Network Systems, LLC
phone            303.637.7617
toll free phone  888-CRITSEC
fax              303.833.3677

           Secure Network Systems, LLC (SNS) Enters SBA 8(a) Program
SNS=E2=80=99s Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions Expands It=E2=80=99s Presence in Federal Agencies

Boulder, CO - August 4, 2009 -Secure Network Systems, LLC (SNS), a 
leading provider of IT/Network and converged physical security systems, 
has been chosen to participate in the Small Business Administration 
(SBA) 8(a) Small Business Development Program. The program facilitates a 
streamlined contract vehicle for government customers including direct 
sourcing of up to $5MM projects and access to special opportunities, as 
well as working with the SBA team to develop and grow the business. 
Additionally, large government bids often encourage prime contractors to 
work with small businesses, making 8(a) companies more attractive to 
large contractors as partners.

=E2=80=9CSNS is looking forward to offering risk-appropriate security solutions 
based on Best Practices while maintaining privacy=E2=80=9D, said Betty Pierce, 
President of SNS. =E2=80=9COur team anticipates that we can continue to provide 
cost-effective certified products and qualified services to a diverse 
blend of end users, and also contribute back to every community where we 
are involved.=E2=80=9D

While many 8(a) companies are relatively young, SNS has been in business 
for almost a decade and has earned the trust of over 200 satisfied 
customers spanning both the private and public sectors, concentrating in 
critical infrastructures. SNS has a number of products on the FIPS 201 
Approved Product List, is GSA- certified as an HSPD-12 Complete 
End-to-end Solution Provider, and was most recently selected to 
successfully provide an identity verification solution for a 
Transportation Safety Administration pilot maritime port. In addition, 
the principals are the inventors and manufacturers of a suite of 
internationally patent- pending solutions.

About Secure Network Systems 
Secure Network Systems is an emerging leader in the converged IT/network 
and physical security market with a strong background in solving 
difficult problems and delivering world-class solutions. SNS has 
distinguished itself through delivery of innovative results that 
encompass people, processes, and technologies, improving the overall 
security posture. SNS employees are dedicated to developing products and 
providing services that help protect and defend the American way of 

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