Korean 'journalists' booted from Defcon

Korean 'journalists' booted from Defcon
Korean 'journalists' booted from Defcon 

By Robert McMillan
IDG News Service
August 3, 2009

Four South Korean journalists were booted from the Defcon hacking 
conference this week after conference organizers decided their story 
didn't quite add up.

Conference representatives released few details of the incident. They 
said Sunday that they'd ejected the journalists two days earlier after 
deciding that they simply weren't acting like press. They believe that 
one member of the group was a legitimate journalist, but that the other 
three were on some sort of intelligence-gathering expedition.

Hackers who the group interviewed at the show said that their questions 
seemed inappropriate, organizers said. The journalists attended one day 
of Defcon's Black Hat sister conference before being ejected on Friday.

Defcon did not release the names of the journalists or say who they 
claimed to work for.

This kind of incident happens nearly every year, said one of the show's 
senior organizers who goes by the name "Priest."

In the past, they say they've caught members of Mossad, the French 
Foreign Legion, and other organizations posing as press. By registering 
as journalists, they can get more time to query researchers and raise no 
suspicions by asking probing questions.


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