Defence steps up computer theft probe

Defence steps up computer theft probe
Defence steps up computer theft probe 

By Ron Corben 
9 News
Aug 4, 2009

Australia's Defence Department has stepped up an investigation into the 
theft of a departmental notebook computer from the hotel room of an 
Australian naval officer attending a defence seminar in Bangkok.

The officer, Peter de Maskens, a lieutenant commander and signals 
specialist in the Royal Australian Navy, was attending a week-long 
seminar, starting on July 4 and overseen by the Thai armed forces, on 
regional security issues.

Intelligence sources said there are concerns other foreign intelligence 
services, in particular China and Burma, may have attempted to track 
down the stolen computer.

De Maskens, who was awarded an Order of Australia medal this year, is an 
expert in the field of maritime communications and information systems.

A Thai police report said de Maskens had left his five-star Banyan Tree 
Hotel at 2am, travelling to the red light entertainment district of Nana 
Plaza in Sukhumvit Road. He returned to the hotel accompanied by a Thai 
person just before 3am.


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