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By Steve Green
Las Vegas Sun
Aug. 5, 2009

Gaming executives Wednesday disputed reports that hackers in town for 
the annual DEFCON conference over the weekend perpetrated frauds 
involving casino ATM machines.

Some broadcast and Internet reports said scammers had wheeled a fake ATM 
machine into the Riviera hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip with the 
goal of having people try to use it so the scammers could capture their 
card and PIN numbers.

That didn't happen, the Riviera said Wednesday.

In fact, the ATM in question in the hotel's convention lobby is owned by 
the hotel-casino and was deactivated as a security precaution while 
DEFCON was in town.

One Internet headline proclaimed: "Hacker exposes hacked Las Vegas ATM 

But it appears the Riviera and its security staff may have outsmarted 
the hackers by simply turning off the machine.

"Although it has been reported as an ATM machine purposely placed in the 
Riviera=E2=80=99s convention lobby by some unknown hacker to capture data on 
others that attempt to use it during DEFCON, the truth is, the 
Riviera-owned-and-operated ATM was turned off and the cash was removed 
as a precaution in preparation for the conference," Robert Vannucci, 
president of the Riviera, said in a statement.


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