Latvian botnet host canned

Latvian botnet host canned
Latvian botnet host canned 

By Stewart Meagher
The Inquirer
5 August 2009

A LATVIAN HOSTING COMPANY that was thought to have harboured the world's 
biggest phishing botnet has been forced to shut up shop by the Swedish 
telecoms outfit Telis Sonera.

Real Host, which owned the AS8206 Junik server based in Riga that spread 
the Zeus botnet, has been linked to almost half of the world's phishing 
attacks in which Russian gangsters attempted to steal the identities and 
bank details of Internet users.

The Russian Business Network (RBN), which inhabited the same server, had 
been described as one of the world's most blatant cybercrime networks 
and was considered a bullet proof hosting hub by digital dastards the 
world over.

Under the counter goings on served at Real Host connected sites included 
exploits for unpatched zero-day flaws, malware payloads to drop on 
victims PCs (including fake codecs, banking trojans, spambots, fake 
antivirus software and even a Mac trojan), phishing websites, money mule 
(pyramid selling for the terminally stupid) recruitment sites, cracked 
software and illegal porn.


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