IT admin charged in Xmas Eve rampage on charity

IT admin charged in Xmas Eve rampage on charity
IT admin charged in Xmas Eve rampage on charity 

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
7th August 2009

The former IT admin for a Florida-based charity stands accused of 
ransacking the organization's servers and phone systems last Christmas 
eve, more than a year after his employment there ended.

Luis Robert Altamarino, who had been given administrator access to the 
computer network of United Way Miami-Dade, breached the systems on 
December 24, according to an indictment filed in US District Court in 
Miami earlier this week. He had worked at the charity for five months 
starting in July 2007 setting up PCs and providing technical support for 
his fellow employees.

Between December 24 and the following day, Altamarino ransacked the 
charity's servers, wiping out donor lists, email, and the system that 
managed employee Blackberry accounts, according to prosecutors. He also 
tampered with the analog phone system server so that voicemail was 
completely disabled.

The rampage made it impossible for employees to check email, log in to 
the network, or use the phone system, the indictment says. Restoring the 
United Way chapter's systems to normal took "several days" and cost at 
least $5,000, the threshold amount typically required for prosecutors to 
bring charges under federal computer intrusion statutes.


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