Computer hacker exposes MI5 security flaw

Computer hacker exposes MI5 security flaw
Computer hacker exposes MI5 security flaw

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By Kevin Dowling
The Sunday Times
August 9, 2009 

A COMPUTER hacker who breached MI5=E2=80=99s official website to reveal how 
criminals could spy on its users has criticised the agency=E2=80=99s security 

The UK-based hacker, who calls himself Neo, was able to plant computer 
code on the site, demonstrating how terrorists or a hostile foreign 
government could infiltrate visitors=E2=80=99 computers and harvest personal 

=E2=80=9CI was really surprised,=E2=80=9D said Neo, a member of Team Elite, an 
international group of hackers which has exposed security flaws in 
companies and organisations. =E2=80=9CI thought they hire people who know their 
job. MI5=E2=80=99s website should not be vulnerable to such bugs in the first 

The Home Office admitted that a problem with the MI5 website had 
occurred on July 21 and part of it was disabled for two days to resolve 
the fault.

However, there is no suggestion that details of any MI5 agents or any 
other sensitive information had been compromised.


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