Georgian blogger calls for Twitter attack probe

Georgian blogger calls for Twitter attack probe
Georgian blogger calls for Twitter attack probe 

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
The Register
10th August 2009

The pro-Georgian blogger who was the target of attacks that shut down 
micro-blogging website Twitter last week has called on Russian President 
Dmitry Medvedev to track down the culprits.

The well-known blogger who goes by the name Cyxymu has said the attacks -
which also struck at Facebook, LiveJournal, and YouTube - were carried 
out by people loyal to Russia who wanted to silence posts criticizing 
that country's invasion into Georgia last year. On Monday, he called on 
Medvedev to investigate the denial-of-service attacks and bring the 
perpetrators to justice.

"I think you're already aware of the fact that unknown hackers staged a 
DDoS attack on my blog, located at,,,," the blogger wrote in an open letter (garbled 
Google translation here). "In addition, all projects have been the last 
stretch by hackers, who all data were from Russia."

Cyxymu, who according to published reports is an economics lecturer 
named Georgy, said last week wasn't the first time he's been attacked. 
In October, someone managed to bring down his LiveJournal account and 
made it inaccessible until May, he claimed.

Thursday's DoS attacks aimed a torrent of requests to view the account 
pages Cyxymu had on Twitter and the other Web 2.0 properties. Twitter 
was inaccessible for two hours, although many users reported being 
unable to use the site for much longer than that. The other sites were 
able to rebuff the attacks and remain up.


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