FNA Managing Director Warns about Cyber War against Iran

FNA Managing Director Warns about Cyber War against Iran
FNA Managing Director Warns about Cyber War against Iran 

13 Aug 2009

TEHRAN (FNA)- FNA managing Director Hamid Reza Moqaddamfar urged Iranian 
officials and people to keep vigilant against enemies' hostile moves 
against Iran through cyber and satellite technologies, viewing them as 
parts of the West's soft threats against the Islamic Republic.

"These kinds of wars are more sensitive and more difficult than the 
hardware wars," Moqaddamfar stressed in an interview with the Iranian 
state-run TV on Tuesday.

"In the hard(ware) war, there is a specific enemy who is visible but one 
of the characteristics of this (soft) war is that the enemy is not seen, 
that is to say that this war is fought in a fully invisible environment 
and on completely unequal footings," he added.

He called on all bloggers to take the opportunity created in the cyber 
atmosphere, and urged the government to establish a think-tank to study 
the issue.

Moqaddamfar also stressed the necessity for confrontation against the 
hostile moves made by certain internet sites, including YouTube, Twitter 
and Facebook.

Tehran last week started trial of a large number of detainees with major 
roles in the country's post-election frenzy in which they confessed to 
their relations with certain foreign countries who contributed a role in 
fomenting unrests.

Iran has repeatedly accused the West of stoking post-election unrests, 
singling out Britain and the US for meddling and expelled two British 
diplomats and arrested a number of local staffs of British embassy in 
Tehran after documents and evidence substantiated London's interfering 
role in stirring post-election riots in Iran.

The Tehran government blamed media sources in the West for the 
unprecedented unrest, saying that the politically-motivated media 
coverage of the presidential polls was pushing the country toward a 

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