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Hanan Greenberg

Cleared for publication: The senior IDF officer who found himself 
reluctantly involved in the latest botched security scandal at a 
military base in Tel Aviv is none other than IDF Chief of Staff 
Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi.
The Military Appellate Court in Tel Aviv granted a motion filed by Ynet 
Sunday and cleared for publication that is was Ashkenazi's credit card 
information that was stolen and used by a group of illegal arms dealers. 
Many of the details in the case are still restricted by a gag order.

The case unfolded after a soldier stationed at the base was assaulted 
and his rifle stolen. The subsequent Military Police probe led 
investigators to apprehend a solider suspected in both the assault and 
in selling weapons to an Arab who deals in stolen arms.
The investigation also revealed that the suspect had somehow obtained 
Ashkenazi's credit card information and relayed it to his contact and 
several other individuals, who charges NIS 2,000 ($about 530) to the 
According to the case file, it was a retailer who noticed the unusual 
activity on the card and reported it to the authorities.

Investigators further found that the gun was also among the possessions 
stolen from Ashkenazi's office. While the gun was apparently not in use, 
it was not reported stolen =E2=80=93 as far as the inquest was able to 
ascertain. Its whereabouts are still unknown.

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