Hackers got talent

Hackers got talent
Hackers got talent 

By David Neal
The Inquirer
19 August 2009

SIMON COWELL is a very nice man and probably has very nice lawyers, so 
it is with great sadness that we discover that computers belongng to his 
company Syco (geddit? It's an acronym that sounds like psycho) have been 

But why hack Syco? Was it to lay grubby hands on Cowell's bank account 
details? He is worth more money than God after all. Or to find his 
tailor's name and address to arrange a hit (and we don't mean a top 10)? 
Or to try and get Paula Abdul's phone number?

No, none of the above. Unbelievably people apparently are hacking into 
Cowell's computers to get their hands on early cuts of the odious ear 
bile he calls music.

Tone-deaf thieves have already got their mitts on tracks from X Factor 
(UK) winners Leona Lewis and Alexandre Burke and are selling them to 
file sharing sites - according to the Current Bun.


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