Radisson Hotels Computers Compromised

Radisson Hotels Computers Compromised
Radisson Hotels Computers Compromised 

By Thomas Claburn
August 20, 2009 

Radisson Hotels & Resorts' chief operating officer Fredrik Korallus on 
Wednesday said in an open letter to company customers that the computer 
systems at some Radisson hotels in the U.S. and Canada had been accessed 

Whoever penetrated Radisson's computers was able to remain there for 
more than half a year, during the period from November 2008 to May 2009.

Korallus said that Radisson is working with federal law enforcement 
authorities to investigate what happened.

"While the number of potentially affected hotels involved in this 
incident is limited, the data accessed may have included guest 
information such as the name printed on a guest's credit card or debit 
card, a credit or debit card number, and/or a card expiration date," he 
said in the letter.

A spokesperson for the company said that he couldn't provide more 
specific information. "[T]he forensic investigation is still underway, 
and we are unable to provide accurate estimates of the number of 
potentially exposed records at this time," the spokesperson said via 
e-mail. "As more information becomes available, and if disclosing it 
will not compromise the investigation, we will provide updates."


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