DHS needs to plug some cybersecurity holes, audit finds

DHS needs to plug some cybersecurity holes, audit finds
DHS needs to plug some cybersecurity holes, audit finds

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By Alice Lipowicz
Sept 02, 2009

The Homeland Security Department is should improve its cybersecurity 
programs for some major control systems, according to a new report from 
DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner.

The control systems, which operate primarily in power plants, factories 
and utilities, are a vital part of the nation=E2=80=99s critical infrastructure. 
In recent years control systems increasingly have become networked and 
linked with other information technology systems including the Internet. 
As a result, the control systems are vulnerable to cyber threats, the IG 

DHS=E2=80=99 National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) has been coordinating 
public and private efforts for cybersecurity in control systems. It also 
conducts training. Although that division has made progress, there are 
still gaps in control system cybersecurity, according to the IG's report 
published Sept. 1.

Skinner said the division needs to do more to encourage information 
sharing between the public and private sectors on needs, threats and 
vulnerabilities that affect control systems; conduct more vulnerability 
assessments performed on control systems; deploy better performance 
measures; and initiate an expanded program for education, training and 


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