Government Develops Korean e-Government Model

Government Develops Korean e-Government Model
Government Develops Korean e-Government Model 

By Chung Myung-je
Korean IT
September 2nd, 2009

Cyber security has emerged as a matter of significant concern. The 
government is determined to drastically increase the portion of cyber 
security policies, establish a DDoS response system, overhaul the 
current cyber security system, expand investment in this regard, and 
create a cyber environment in which the people can safely use the 

Back in June, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the 
government agency in charge of cyber security, observed the 22nd 
Information Culture Month. The Ministry cooperated with the Korea 
Internet & Security Agency in hosting various kinds of cyber 
security-related events during the month. In early July, major 
government and mass media websites were paralyzed by massive DDoS 
attacks. Although they recovered from the attacks, the cyberterrorism 
reminded everybody once again of the importance of cyber security.

New ICT Environment

"Rapid changes have recently occurred in the ICT (Information and 
Communication Technology) environment. As a result, an open and sharing 
Web 2.0 environment has been spreading on a global scale; social 
networking has come into the limelight; and u-life has emerged as a new 
mode of living," said Minister of Public Administration and Security Lee 
Dal-gon in a recent interview with the Korea IT Times.

With ubiquitous intelligence, convergence, and green growth emerging as 
the latest ICT trends, Korea, like other countries, is still at the 
stage of introducing those trends. Nonetheless, Korea is believed to 
have already entered the fifth and last stage of the UN's 
informatization development and management model. The five stages of the 
UN's model are 1) emergence of technologies, 2) enhanced information, 3) 
interactive information access, 4) transactional information management, 
and 5) connected and integrated information applications.


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