Defense Security Command seeks approval to expand cybersecurity personnel

Defense Security Command seeks approval to expand cybersecurity personnel
Defense Security Command seeks approval to expand cybersecurity personnel

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The Hankyoreh
Sept. 4, 2009

The Defense Security Command (DSC), the Ministry of National Defense=E2=80=99s 
(MND) counterintelligence arm, is proposing the creation of a 
cyberdefense organization under its command, and is asking the ministry 
for a large number of brass to run it, including a commanding major 
general and six colonels. This has lead to accusations that the DSC is 
attempting to grow in size and significance within the nation'sefense 
apparatus. Some are also expressing concern about the possibility more 
civilians could be the object of cyber-surveillance. The DSC has been 
accused of engaging in illegal surveillance of civilians as recently as 
this year.

According to the proposal drafted by the DSC and submitted for approval 
by the MND, in addition to a major general and six colonels, the unit 
would be composed of 500 personnel, including approximately 80 from its 
cyber warfare response center and close to 100 other cybersecurity 
personnel. Duties would, among other tasks, include the protection of 
online and training in cyber-defense technology.

South Korea's MND is reported to be opposed to the idea at a time when 
its reform plans call for the merging of ministry organizations and 
reduction in personnel in an effort to increase overall efficiency. The 
Hankyoreh has learned that members of the DSC and ministry officials 
have on at least one occasion found themselves in a heated shouting 
match over the proposal.

"Some 150 of the 500 cyber-defense personnel the DSC wants for its new 
unit represent purely an increase in number from current DSC staff 
levels, and it is also asking for more big brass, like colonels,"aid a 
ministry official on Sept. 3. "e DSC is talking up cybersecurity in 
order to inflate its size at a time when everyone is working to reduce 
cost expenditures."


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