ASIO officers met whistleblowers in pancake parlour

ASIO officers met whistleblowers in pancake parlour
ASIO officers met whistleblowers in pancake parlour,25197,26029093-5001561,00.html 

By Cameron Stewart 
The Australian
September 05, 2009

A PANCAKE Parlour restaurant and a cafe in the Block Arcade in central 
Melbourne are unlikely places to discuss claims of Chinese espionage.

But these were among the venues chosen for meetings between ASIO 
officers and employees of the Australian arm of the Chinese telecom 
giant Huawei.

ASIO officers have travelled to Melbourne and Sydney this year to meet 
Huawei whistleblowers, after the domestic spy agency received 
information alleging that some Huawei technicians and executives had 
direct links with the Chinese People's Liberation Army and to the 
Chinese government.

The allegations made by current and former Huawei employees to ASIO were 
that the Chinese telecommunications company, which has operations across 
the globe, was not the purely commercial enterprise it claimed to be.

Rather than being a privately owned company that exists only to make 
profits on the sales of telecom equipment, Huawei's operations in 
Australia were controlled by the Chinese government, the employees 
claimed, and several other employees had close links with the PLA.

These employees told ASIO they believed the hi-tech Huawei was involved 
in cyber espionage against Australian interests, but when grilled by 
ASIO, were unable to produce firm evidence of espionage activities.


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