Indo-Israeli Cyber Warfare against Pakistani nuclear program

Indo-Israeli Cyber Warfare against Pakistani nuclear program
Indo-Israeli Cyber Warfare against Pakistani nuclear program 

By Farzana Shah 
Asian Tribune

After sea, land and air warfare, traditional arch rivals India and 
Pakistan are now facing each other in another arena. With evolution of 
technology over the period another kind of war has been started by 
Indians with Israeli help against Pakistan since last few years and that 
is Cyber warfare.

Cyber warfare is complex, more penetrating and detrimental than 
conventional warfare, fought on cyberspace using different tactics like 
Cyber espionage, Web vandalism, Gathering data, Distributed 
Denial-of-Service Attacks, Equipment disruption, attacking critical 
infrastructure, Compromised Counterfeit Hardware etc. The Internet 
security company McAfee stated in their 2007 annual report that 
approximately 120 countries have been developing ways to use the 
Internet as a weapon and target financial markets, government computer 
systems and utilities.

Like any conventional threat, cyber warfare is rather new battle field 
for Pakistani government and people alike. India has all the reasons to 
use this as a weapon against Pakistan, but more recently Israel has 
joined hands with Indians in this war against Pakistan.

Propaganda, Cyber espionage, Web vandalism and information gathering are 
known cyber threats for Pakistani security institutes and government 
offices. Now there are reports emerging that Indian and Israelis are 
taking these known cyber threats to next level by using money, talent 
and technology to defame Pakistan and its nuclear program.

How eagerly Indian wanted to gain an edge in cyber warfare technology is 
evident from what Indian Naval Chief Admiral Sureesh Mehta told 
StartPost; "The Indian Armed Forces are increasingly investing in 
networked operations, both singly and a joint fashion. We cannot, 
therefore, afford to be vulnerable to cyber attacks. Information 
Technology is our country's known strength and it would be in our 
interest to leverage this strength in developing a formidable 
'offensive' and 'defensive' cyber warfare capability. Harnessing the 
gene pool available in academia, private industry and the younger 
generation of talented individuals is imperative,"

Statement of Indian Naval Chief is a further endorsement of our 
assessment about Indian designs against Pakistan and its security 
establishment. Clearly India has offensive cyber warfare plans. 
Naturally these plans will be against Pakistan (as the history of both 
the countries proves), although Indian military establishment and 
political leadership used Chinese threat as an excuse for introducing 
new war tactics and systems in Subcontinent.


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