Rogue ad hits New York Times site

Rogue ad hits New York Times site
Rogue ad hits New York Times site 

By Steven Musil
CNet News
September 13, 2009

The New York Times Web site is grappling with problems created by "an 
unauthorized advertisement," but it is unknown how the ads appeared on 
the site and whether the Web site had been compromised.

The rogue ad warns readers that their computer may be infected with a 
virus and redirects them to a site that purports to offer antivirus 
software, according to a note posted to the newspaper's Media & 
Advertising section:

    Some readers have seen a pop-up box warning them about a 
    virus and directing them to a site that claims to offer antivirus 
    software. We believe this was generated by an unauthorized 
    advertisement and are working to prevent the problem from recurring. 
    If you see such a warning, we suggest that you not click on it. 
    Instead, quit and restart your Web browser.

The site,, is a hijacker that uses fraudulent 
strategies to promote fake security software, according to security site


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