Samsung Prepares for Next Possible Cyberattack

Samsung Prepares for Next Possible Cyberattack
Samsung Prepares for Next Possible Cyberattack 

By Daniel Ko
Korea IT Times
September 14th, 2009

After the July 7th DDoS attack, Samsung plans to create a defense 
against the next possible cyberattack. Planning to spend whatever it 
takes, Samsung is dedicated to defend against cyberterrorism.

A representative for Samsung's defense said, "After the DDoS attack, 
Samsung is starting to realize that cyberattacks are a cause for 
concern, and we must be prepared by buying necessary equipment and 
starting to train professionals. Also, we must defend against this 
together, not individually."

Samsung will create a cyber defense team in which they select the most 
educated and capable individuals who are most likely to defend against 
future cyber attacks. To accomplish this, Samsung will provide a test in 
which individuals will be tested on their abilities as well as their 
knowledge related to DDoS and cyber attacks. Testing will be completed 
by the end of November. Samsung plans to fund this organization with all 
the proper training and equipment and to supply other necessities.

After the recent DDoS attack, the Ministry of Public Administration and 
Security invested W20 billion (US$16.32 million) in cyber defense, and 
it wasn't a secret that Samsung was a big recipient of this investment. 
If Samsung was the correct choice for this counter defense against cyber 
terrorism, the company will once again show why they are a powerful 
international corporation. In addition, they will increase their global 
reputation, publicity, and foreign export trade.

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