Safety first for IT executives in China

Safety first for IT executives in China
Safety first for IT executives in China,safety-first-for-it-executives-in-china.aspx 

By Sholto Macpherson
Sept 16, 2009

Senior executives in US IT companies have been advised by the US 
Government to follow extremely strict policies for visits to China which 
extend far beyond standard software protection.

The policies encourage them to leave their standard IT equipment at home 
and to buy separate gear only for use in China.

Mark Bregman, chief technology officer at security firm Symantec said he 
left his MacBook Pro behind in the US and took his MacBook Air whenever 
he flew to China. Bregman said he only ever used the Air in China and 
re-imaged the machine every time he returned home.

However, he said he was "pretty relaxed" when it came to following the 
security policies. "I don't let my IT department near my laptop," he 

"I was advised by people in three-letter agencies in the US Government 
to weigh the machine before I left and when I got back," Bregman said.

"They also don't want me to take my phone. They said to buy a mobile 
phone in the US and throw it away when you come back."


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