Security-leak hacker jailed

Security-leak hacker jailed
Security-leak hacker jailed 

Gulf Daily
September 17, 2009
A GOVERNMENT emp-loyee, accused of leaking classified information about 
Bahraini intelligence agents, did it out of revenge, it emerged 

The Bahraini man was yesterday sentenced by the High Criminal Court to 
three years in prison for leaking confidential information from the 
National Security Agency (NSA).

The computer analyst, who was a former Pension Fund employee, allegedly 
hacked into the NSA system and retrieved the names of the agents and any 
cuts made to their salaries.

He then posted the information on the Bahrain Forum website, during 

He claimed, during interrogations, that he leaked the information in 
revenge for the arrest of Haq Movement for Liberties and Democ-racy 
chief Hassan Mushai-ma and religious scholar Mohammed Al Moqdad by NSA 
agents, according to court documents.


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